Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Available Hound

Have to share this sweetie with you.  Her name is Ree and she is a total doll!  She's at my house being cat tested, and so far so good...  How can you resist this face?
 She's got a great smile too, is smiling most of the time.
Showing off her greyhound moves 
Happy happy!
OK, she's sniffing the house, yet she also manages to look elegant...  ;-)
Loves children...
And REALLY loves big fluffy dog beds!
She's so appreciative of being in a house!  When we first turned on the TV, she was like, "What is this strange magical box?!"  Very adorable to see her experience the comforts of being part of a loving home!  If you'd like to be her forever home please contact Greyhounds Unlimited at

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