Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm In Love...

OK, have to share this.  I cat test for my greyhound group, and I have the SWEETEST foster right now...

He's a big teddy bear and loves to snuggle.  He wants to be in contact with you, whether it's resting his head on your lap or leaning against you.  If you're standing up and not paying attention to you, he'll come up behind you and put his head between your knees. 

It's the cutest thing!  Very endearing.  :-)  Some home will be VERY lucky to have this great guy!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New On Etsy...

I've listed all of the Swarovski crystal greyhound bracelets on Etsy.  These were really popular at Dewey!  Here's a sneak peak:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Stamping Central

I'm so excited to have my new workbench up!!!  This is where I'll be able to do all my handstamping and cutting of sheet metal.  I got to play "Handy Manny" and put this baby together!  So what started as this:

is now the finished product:

It's nice and sturdy, and really heavy duty!  LOVE it!!!

Of course, heavy is key here...  You build the darn thing up-side down, and she-woman that I am, I decided to lift it upright all by myself.  That was Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning I woke up and my back was killing me.  Dumb move.  So after most of last week on a heating pad with muscle relaxers and heavy duty ibuprofen, I'm finally feeling almost human again. :-)

Getting a few more items listed today.  I have the photos taken, that's half the battle.  My goal is to have everything that's photographed up by the end of the week.